Atari Token live for trading at

If you remember the old cool computers and gaming consoles from Atari, you will just love this new crypto coin from just Atari. The Atari token is an ERC20 token that is based on Ethereum and their goal is to create a token for the videogame industry that is available to as many platforms and users as possible.

To trade the Atari token you can simply just head over to because they’ve just added Atari with trading possibilities against BCH, BTC, ETH and USDT.

If you trade Atari against BTC on you have a chance of winning in their trading competition.

$20,000 Atari Trading Competition
Do not miss our massive $20,000 Atari trading competition with a 50 place leaderboard giving lots of chances to win. As usual, all traders will be ranked in terms of the total trading volume across the Atari pair (ATRI/BTC) traded on their Exchange account (including both Buys and Sells). Click on “Apply Now” to join the 20,000 Atari Trading Competition and win from the prize pool.

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