Bitcoin goin up, up, up

The latest dip in crypto currency prices where for example BTC dropped below 6 000 USD may just be a small bump in the coming rise again.

If you look at some sucessful people in the industry, like for example billionaire Marc Lasry, he’s predicting a Bitcoin price of about 40 000 USD (far more than the highest price at the top in 2017). Another example of an optimistic investor in crypto currencies is Barry Silbert, who thinks we may have reached the bottom:

“I think we’ve probably hit the bottom for the year. I actually put some money into bitcoin last week”

Another billionaire that think the Bitcoin price will increase dramatically from todays levels is the venture capitalist and investor Tim Draper. His prediction is 250 000 USD by the year 2022.

Analyst Tom Lee and John McAfee both got predictions for Bitcoin by 2020. Lee’s prediction Bitcoin is that it will be valued at 91 000 USD during 2020, and McAfee got a more optimistic prediction of 250 000 USD, then updated to one million USD.

Even big investment companies like Blackrock are looking into crypto currencies. It’s for sure exciting times 😉

So if they are correct that Bitcoin will increase in value, then perhaps an investment today at price levels of 7 100 USD could be one of the best investments in recent times.

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