Bitcoin reached 11 000 USD this weekend

Bitcoin took a step up on Sunday and reached a maximum of $11,247 which was the highest level since March 2018. The Bitcoin is currently trading at $10,778 in an upgoing trend as we mentioned already in a post called Bitcoin corrects 20% down, but still in up going trend.

The Bitcoin price has taken a huge revenge in 2019 and has gone from around $ 4,000 up til todays levels. In recent news Facebook for example has announced to release its own crypto currency called Libra, which increased the interest for most other crypto currencies. At the same time Facebook will also create a subsiduary to provide wallet services etc. Most critics of this claims that Facebook will get access to personal data and spending patherns from the users using the new Libra.

Like other times when the price for Bitcoin is increasing most of the other big cryptos like for example Monero and Ethereum are following the same trend, so also this time. For example ETH is now trading above $300.

So, if you belive in the crypto market it could be a good way to buy a few mining contracts now when the price is low before the BTC price increase too much. Here’s a few operators that allow you to use cloud mining:

HashFlare offers mining contracts for Ethereum with no service fees, low withdrawal limits (0.1 ETH) and very easy to use. You can buy mining contracts using both credit cards and BTC.

If you would like to follow the development of the crypto prices, you can have a look at this page

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