Google to remove all mining apps from Google Play

Mobile apps that use the processor and graphics card in the user’s mobile phone to extract bitcoin, so-called mining, is banned from Google Play. This is reported by Bleeping Computer.

This means that Google will start deleting such apps from its digital app store. However, some mining apps will be allowed – namely those that are only used to control cryptography on devices other than the affected phone.

If this is bad news for anyone who wants to mine crypto currencies, the good thing is that Hashflare have resumed their SHA-256 mining contracts.

This is the email Hashflare just sent out to all their customers:

Throughout the last week our team has been focused on finding the optimal solution, that would allow us to resume mining SHA-256, and we are happy to announce that as a result of diligent work, such a solution has been reached.

Tomorrow, 28.07.2018, at 00:00 (UTC), SHA-256 mining service will be resumed. All SHA-256 contracts will continue to operate on the same terms.

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