Could 2020 be the big year for Bitcoins? The reward halfing will limit the new supply

Bitcoin has started the year 2020 as the best year since 2012 with an increase of 20% so far this year. The crypto currency is circling around $9 000. BTC is forming a bullish move according to technical analysis and could hit $10 000 soon.

Who doesn’t remember McAfee’s price prediction of one million dollars per BTC 😉 ? Even if the current price is far away from that prediction the year could end as a good year for investments in BTC because of the soon to come halfing in mining reward.

Stock-to-Flow’s creator, the analyst known as PlanB,suggest that the BTC price after the halfing in May 2020 would start moving up towards $100 000 by 2022. This is because the reduction in reward for mining BTC would be limited towards the current supply of BTC. Also keeping in mind all the dormant BTC wallet addresses containing 64% of the current Bitcoin supply that hasn’t moved since 2018. A big portion of private keys for those addresses could be lost forever by the owners (forgotten, lost, or just ignored).

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