Happy X-Mas! Start your new year with great crypto mining deals

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Lets hope 2019 will be a great year for crypto currencies all over the world 😉

2018 hasn’t been that great for the price of crypto currencies, but lets see it like a good time to get into the business because this is not the first time BTC sees this kind of price drop. Previously Bitcoin has always recovered after some time and we all hope if will do so again.

The good thing with the price drop lately is that cloud mining prices has dropped also. Last year the mining contracts costs a lot more than they do now, also in some cases the difficulty has dropped a little bit. So now is a god time to get back into the mining business.

HashFlare offers mining contracts for Ethereum with no service fees, low withdrawal limits (0.1 ETH) and very easy to use. You can buy mining contracts using both credit cards and BTC.

MinerGate is another great cloud mining company where you can buy contracts to mine both BTC and Monero. You can pay using your BTC or XMR balances or just send a payment in Bitcoin or Monero to them. Easy withdrawal and easy to use. You can also use their enhanced mining software to do some extra mining on your own laptop, and then you can mine everything from XMR, ETH, BCN and many more currencies. You can even in some cases mine multiple currencies at the same time.

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